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The safest method for starting up again and carrying on with business operations following unanticipated events like data loss, corruption, human error, and hardware or software malfunctions, or natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, and floods, is data recovery. Any business, regardless of size, can be severely damaged by these catastrophic events.

A service we call Business Continuity may make the process of restoring your operations simple and drastically minimise downtime.

Business continuity helps in the restoration of essential operations and IT services following a system breakdown or data loss. Essential for you and your team to start working again. 

The concept of business continuity planning is not limited to larger businesses. System malfunctions or the loss of important company data can have a considerable impact on smaller businesses.

Disaster Recovery Services

In the event of an incident, our IT recovery professionals will determine the extent of damage and carry out our Business Continuity plan to restore your operations.

Planning for business disaster recovery is an important task that all Perth-based businesses ought to carry out.

A recovery point objective (RPO) and a recovery time goal (RTO) will be part of your disaster recovery plan. Our recovery specialists will approach developing and carrying out this plan as follows:

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Frequently Asked Questions

IT Disaster Recovery is a preventive strategy designed to quickly restore business operations following a disruption. It is vital for businesses to ensure minimal downtime, safeguard sensitive data, and continue operations even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Western Technology uses a complete strategy that combines strategic planning with modern technology. We design recovery solutions to meet the demands of your business, thereby ensuring prompt action to reduce downtime.

Certainly, we provide solutions for a variety of disasters, such as natural disasters, hardware malfunctions, and data breaches. We want to protect your business from any unexpected events that can affect your IT system.

We adhere to a structured procedure that includes ongoing monitoring, system restoration, and data backup. Our objective is to resume your business with as little disruption to everyday operations as possible.

No, all sizes of businesses need IT disaster recovery. Because Western Technology offers scalable solutions, even small businesses can safeguard their information and continue to run smoothly in the event of unanticipated disruptions.

Indeed. We offer constant monitoring, support, and updates to make sure your IT disaster recovery strategy stays effective and meets your business's changing demands.

Our services are intended for businesses in a range of sectors, such as small businesses, transportation, mining, and more. We provide flexible solutions to meet the particular needs of a wide variety of industries in Perth.

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Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?
IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

Imagine this: a critical system failure, a ransomware attack, or even a natural disaster brings your Perth business to a standstill. Data loss can be devastating, leading to lost productivity, financial repercussions, and reputational damage.

The good news? Proactive measures like IT backup and disaster recovery (DR) can significantly mitigate these risks. Here’s why every Perth business needs a robust IT backup and DR plan in 2024:

The Threat Landscape is Evolving: Cyberattacks are on the rise, and businesses of all sizes are targets. Ransomware attacks, in particular, can cripple operations and lead to hefty ransom demands.

Data is Your Business’s Lifeblood: From customer records to financial data, your business relies heavily on its information. Losing access or control can have a crippling effect.

Minimise Downtime: A disaster recovery plan ensures a swift recovery process, getting your systems back online and operational as quickly as possible. This translates to less downtime and minimized financial losses.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your data is secure and recoverable provides invaluable peace of mind for business owners and employees.

What Makes a Good IT Backup and DR Plan?

Regular Backups: Schedule automated backups of your critical data to a secure offsite location. This ensures even local disasters like floods or fires won’t affect your backups.
Data Security: Implement robust encryption protocols to safeguard your backed-up data from unauthorized access.
Testing and Recovery: Regularly test your DR plan and recovery procedures to ensure they function as intended.
Business Impact Analysis (BIA): Identify your critical systems and data, and determine the acceptable downtime for each. This helps prioritize recovery efforts.

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