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At Western Technology, our team is dedicated to researching, recommending, and deploying optimal IT and communication solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

We specialise in providing modern mining IT solutions that prioritise cost-effectiveness, security, and reliability. 

With Western Technology’s Mining IT support, experience efficiency and increased employee satisfaction across all your operational sites.


You can rely on us for comprehensive IT plans tailored for your mining business, so you can run your business efficiently and take care of all your jobs the right way.

In our capacity as a comprehensive IT service provider, Western Technology ensures that your IT infrastructure is taken care of in every way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Western Technology brings specialised expertise in mining IT services, ensuring tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, scalability, and cybersecurity.

With 24/7 support, careful vendor selection, and a focus on industry standards, we provide comprehensive and reliable IT services designed to meet the unique needs of mining operations.





We provide a range of IT services tailored for mining, including infrastructure management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and vendor selection.

Our IT solutions streamline processes, automate tasks, and enhance communication, leading to increased efficiency and productivity across your mining sites.

Scalability means our solutions can adapt to the changing needs of your business. Whether you're a small exploration team or a large mining operation, our services grow with you.

Yes, we provide 24/7 support to ensure uninterrupted mining operations. Our customer-friendly service and direct access to technicians ensure quick responses to any IT challenges.

We carefully select reputable vendors aligning with industry standards. Our focus is on reliable, secure, and scalable solutions that enhance the overall efficiency of your mining IT environment.

We specialise in creating robust cybersecurity plans to protect your data and meet legal obligations. Our approach aligns with the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Yes, we offer training to guarantee a simple and seamless transfer to new IT systems. Our objective is to equip your team with the know-how to maximise the use of technology in your construction projects.

We combine industry expertise, scalable solutions, 24/7 support, and careful vendor selection to offer comprehensive IT services designed specifically for the unique needs of mining and exploration companies.

Contact us at (08) 6102 2010 or email to discuss your requirements and explore how our tailored IT solutions can benefit your mining operations.




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Cyber Security for Mining

Cyber security remains a significant concern for stakeholders in mining and exploration companies. Navigating the complex cyber landscape and understanding how to effectively mitigate risks can be challenging.

With legal obligations to safeguard data and information before its release on the ASX, having a well-structured and robust cyber security plan is imperative. At Western Technology, we strongly recommend aligning your ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure with the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cyber Security Framework. 

This strategic alignment enhances your organisation’s ability to address and manage cyber security risks comprehensively.


IT Services for Mining Perth

Mining and exploration companies face a myriad of unique challenges. They must manage large datasets and operate in some of the most remote areas globally. Additionally, the mining industry has an extensive cyber security footprint. It necessitates control over numerous devices across the network.

At Western Technology, we have the expertise to secure all sites behind a strong cloud security infrastructure. This enhances connectivity and ensures security throughout the entire organization. This approach minimizes the risk of physical hardware failure, especially in remote locations. 

Our commitment includes assigning each firm a dedicated technical account manager. The manager actively seeks opportunities for efficiency and productivity improvements. This is done through technology and automation. The manager aligns with their specific business processes.

Western Technology has extensive experience collaborating with companies in the exploration, mining, and mining services sectors within the resources industry. 

We are experienced in supporting clients through all phases of the mining lifecycle. 

We help clients grow from the exploration phase with just a few individuals to expansive discovery sites with up to 120 team members.

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